What We Do

As we strain towards attaining our mission and vision, we live what we preach. We practically translate our vision into our day-to-day interactions.

We have farming projects that we wish to put into action once we have the finances for resources. We have a myriad of ideas awaiting implementation once our pocket allows. The end goal of our projects is not to only give those we serve the basic skills for survival in a third-world country like Zimbabwe; these projects are also aimed at financing our ministry to the extent that we would need not heavily depend on donations but that the ministry would be a self-sustaining organization.

To cater for the spiritual needs and point our friends to Christ, we have mentoring, Bible studies, spiritual life retreats, and summer camp programs throughout the year. We believe that there is nothing as heart-altering as a constant exposure to the Word of God and a personal relationship with Christ. Our objective here is to expose our friends to the Word of God and watch as God’s Divine Spirit changes the hearts of those whom He wills.

Empowerment: Our model of service is designed to empower our friends in practical ways of bettering their conditions through hard work. Therefore, our workshops are platforms for them to learn different skills, trades, as well as interacting and learning from business people already established in their fields.

Games: We will have game nights and sports tournament planned. Though we are serious in our busy-ness and ministry, we aspire to have fun too. This would be a great way to model a godly character as sports and a good character are easily at each other’s throat.

We invite you to join God in the beautiful work that He has set in motion in Zimbabwe. Get in touch. Get connected.