As extensions of the limbs of Christ, we strive to cater for both the spiritual and physical needs of the less-privileged teens and children in Zimbabwe, and God willing, across Southern Africa. Upon the conviction that we all are pilgrims on earth awaiting the coming of the Kingdom of God in all its fullness, we seek to employ our blessings to the blessing of others. At Cornerstone International Ministries, we combine our skills, talents, and the generous donations of many across the globe to contribute to the spiritual, physical, and academic well-being of the less privileged. An African proverb states that a candles loses nothing by lighting another candle. As the proverb rightly affirms, it should not hurt us when we put to use what has been entrusted into our care to help fellow sojourners. The talents and resource entrusted into our possession is what we turn back to God as gifts through ministry and service towards others.  If only we can put aside our differing opinions, diverse ethnicity, race, sexual orientations, and hatred , and connect one with another heart to heart, truly we can make this world a better place for those we come in contact with. Love is the only remaining language that we can all understand despite our different opinions. Love is the universal language.

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